Menopause is hard,
Pelex makes it easier.

The world has changed,
now menopause care has too.

We provide expert reproductive endocrinology care + empathy throughout your menopausal transition.

Menopausal symptoms can vary widely and are often dismissed or ignored by their providers. Women sometimes suffer for years in silence, despite many available treatment options.
It doesn’t have to be like that for you

Are you experiencing...

Hot flashes
Brain fog
Loss or irregular periods
Increased weight
Joint pain
Painful intercourse
Vaginal dryness
Night sweats
Decreased bone density
It’s a new world, and there are lots of things that can be done to treat the symptoms you’re experiencing and prevent the ones you’d rather not.
Let’s talk about it

As you age,
do your goals include:

Good energy
Brain health
Healthy sex life
Bone health
Healthy sleep
Play with grandkids
We can help

Aging isn’t about just accepting decline and discomfort anymore. It’s about living your best life.

At Pelex, we discover what matters most to you, assess your symptoms, develop a personal plan, and offer support for the kind of life you want to live.

We know every person is different, and we respect that.

In our initial consult we’ll say, "tell us about you". We’ll listen, and formulate a plan. Over time, we’ll discuss treatment options and help you make decisions about what’s best for you.
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What our patients are saying.

I feel like women who are in menopause are an overlooked and forgotten group who need the most help of all. I am so thankful to have found a provider who looks at my entire picture and can help me feel as young as I feel like I am.
Becky B.
I work really hard on my health, I eat right and exercise daily, but until I started HRT I simply could not feel as good as I deserved to feel. It has been life changing!
Jodi F.
Working with a provider who is experienced with HRT has been such a different experience than I had with my PCP. She gave me so many options and was able to educate me on all the pros and cons of each and recommended the route that was best for me.
Carolyn C.
I have worked with other providers with my HRT and they failed to listen to what my goals with HRT were. I was always requesting they make changes and they would not. Finding a provider who LISTENS and helps me achieve my goals has made all the difference!
Susan Y.